Friday, 19 August 2016

Chamfron Angel Dust - 5 years old

Great to see Peaches and Ellie doing so well together, Peaches is being kept busy and has been picking up the rosettes at showjumping, dressage and showing plus enjoying some cross country schooling, hunt rides and trips to the beach.

Paris - Part 3

Then off to Versailles, you could spend several days at Versailles and still not see it all, gloriously over the top in every way!  A sneaky bottle of bubbles to celebrate a lovely holiday and home safely with no run ins at customs!

Paris - Part 2

Monday was a more relaxed day heading out of town to Monet's garden and by Tuesday I was clearly perfecting my Parisian look, people were asking me for directions (obviously having not seen me do three laps trying to exit the Metro station) and no one was trying to sell me a bling bling Eiffel Tower anymore.  I walked along the old raised railway line at Bastille, now planted up allowing you to stroll along and watch the world below you.  I did however made the rookie mistake of heading to the Louvre, oh look there is hardly any queue I thought... err no there is a handful of people reading the "we are closed on Tuesdays notice!"  So I had a wee dose of culture at Musee d' Orsay before heading to The Menagerie du Jardin des Plantes.  The second oldest zoo in the world and to be honest it does look pretty dated in places but the animals seemed content enough.

Paris - Part 1

Arrived in sunny (gloriously sunny!) Paris last Friday after a small run in with customs, it would appear that the foreign office is fine with your passport being valid for the duration of your stay, surly french customs officer less so.  "I think you will be going home today" I gave him a steely gaze "I think not" after a phone call and his face falling he waved me through, I didn't push for an apology!

I had decided that due to space constrictions with hand luggage that I would leave the camera and be sensible with shoe choices - fifteen miles or so later it became apparent I'd failed spectacularly on that front too, so here we have Paris by iPhone with added blisters.  Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur (with view of Eiffel Tower), Eiffel Tower (with view of Sacre Coeur), The Louvre pyramids, Arc de Triomphe and Montmartre all ticked off in true tourist style.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Chamfron Firefly - 5 years old

Sammy had her first outing to baby show jumping and came home with two red rosettes.  Photo with thanks to Strathmore Photography.

Chamfron Bellini - 39 months old

Looking like a very exciting dressage prospect for 2017!

Chamfron Campeador - 15 months old

Cid having his first outing to a local show where he placed in a huge class.  He is looking an absolute credit to Ally (... and rather tall!)