Monday, 17 November 2008

Necessity is the mother of invention!!!

Well for various reasons we haven't had the foals advertised (mostly paperwork, lesson learnt, be much more on the ball next year!!) and we decided with the credit crunch and the truly horrible weather we have had this year we would keep all the spotty foals over the winter (Monty having already moved to Perthshire!) and sell them ready to show in the spring.

So this raised various problems and questions - the big one being "shit where do we put the fur balls?"  So we stripped out the walker and sold it on Ebay, amazingly for a large profit.  Into the walkers' external cage went two bales of straw, one round bale of haylage, a large tub of water and a mineral lick.  Quickly transforming it from walker to "foal hole" of the 5* and quite perfect variety.  The foals weaned with no trouble at all and are so happy and settled in their new abode.  They are very low maintenance, cheap to keep and well, just damn cute!

Happiness is a good snooze on an afternoon....

Stela has Marco well under her hoof!

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