Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Chamfron Polo-Strings!

Introducing the Chamfron Polo-String. A great looking bracelet with a hidden secret that is perfect for hundreds of jobs and quick fixes at the stables or just about anywhere.

*Ideal Stocking filler*

Mark first came across these braided nylon bracelets in the Army. When needed the bracelet can be unraveled to give you a length of strong nylon cord. 1 inch of plated bracelet unwinds to about one 
foot of cord. In the military they are used in the field for securing loads, making shelters, repairing clothing and equipment and even for hanging food out of the reach of bears but we came to realise it had even more uses around the yard...

Horsey people have long used baler twine for all the odd jobs but how often have you found yourself wearing a coat with none in the pockets the very day you need it? With these bracelets you'll always have approximately 7 feet of cord with you no matter what you're wearing!
Whether you need to patch a fence, tie up a gate, do a temporary fix on a rug, rig a halter or lead rope or even replace a broken rein or stirrup our Chamfron Polo-String is just the thing!
Ideal stocking fillers or just as a gift for yourself these are also great for shooters, farmers, dogwalkers... just about anyone.

Available in a range of bright colours in 7" and tactical colours in 8" Chamfron Polo-Strings are only £5 each plus £2 P&P REGARDLESS OF QUANTITY.  We recommend at least 2 per person so you always have a spare if you have to use the one you're wearing.  Send us a picture of you using your Chamfron Polo String to save the day and we'll even give you 2 for the price of one on your next order.  Email me on to order, many more photos on the Chamfron Stud Facebook Page. 

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