Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Its a hard life!

Weather grim, wet, grey with slushy snow flurries and a biting wind.  The yearlings aren't concerned in their winter housing and like to take a daily afternoon snooze.  Yesterday I'd diddled about in the stables for 45 mins, swept up, played with the dog, patted the other yearlings and still Deja Vu snoozed.  Paloma and Betty climbed over her (Paloma was more twinkle toed than Betty who nearly amputated her ears), still not a peep from Deja Vu.  OK at this point I started to think it would be bad taste to be photographing a dead (or at least in the throws of dying) yearling so despite my hatred of waking youngsters I went to check her...  I wish I'd photographed the look she gave me, it was distinctly unimpressed!!

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