Thursday, 11 April 2013

Petnanny Vans!

Last year I did some photography for Caroline Howlett, aka Petnanny and these are her vans now dashing around the streets of Pelton, Stanley and beyond!  

I will still be doing jobs like this but have decided to stop doing event photography for the time being.  All albums will be archived over the next few days and the chamfron photos website will vanish in a puff of smoke... just as soon as I work out how to do it!!


cheyenne jones said...


cschneider said...

Why? I love your photos! Thats why I come to visit this blog. Your storys are cute, and the photos are wonderful. Horses, whippets and all. :-(

Laura said...

Will definitely still blog and photograph for fun but I'm worn down by people stealing photos constantly and show organisers shitting on me from a great height (not them all obviously but enough to piss in my cornflakes!) Hopefully now I'll get to take Arrayan out to some shows instead :-)

Kingmaker Dales said...

Love the vans. Totally unique. Superb, fun photos.
Tips and Flute (the 2 Ibizan Hounds)are my personal favourites.