Friday, 11 October 2013

Onwards and Upwards!

The main herd moved into the house field today, as they get older they are certainly getting less subtle.  You can tell a field move is in the offing about ten days before...  Treacle the mule will start to lean over the fence, if she catches you watching she will hop around a little next to it.  Then about a week later when you check the horses they will all look at the dividing gate pointedly, perhaps sigh a little, pick at a piece of mud or a twig while you are looking.  Finally this morning, they took one look at me and stormed to the gate...  "we will not be moved" so we opened it and let them through.

Checking the horses is now simple, Silks and I bounce over the garden fence, Wif runs round the garden at speed and Sheila just bulldozes a hole in the bottom of the fence like a wombat!

Kayreen's filly worked well and had her first canter (or lope as she's going to be a western horse!)

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