Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

We went up to Biggar for the bonfire which was a good night, I mean when you've peed in the mens loo, held a complete stranger in a death grip, face planted the pavement and given Mark a black eye with your foot before 10pm and with no alcohol involved its got to be a good night hasn't it?!  

2013 has to put it simply been a good year for us,  if 2014 was as much of an improvement on 2013 as 2013 was on 2012, well that would be perfect.  2013 has not been without its lows, the loss of Nico, Erica foaling twins and Toledo trying to amputate his own leg were of course niggles but the sun shone, we sold horses to great homes and we had a lot of fun.  Bring on 2014, we've got plans for it!

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The Three Muleteers said...

Happy New Year to all at Chamfron Stud - hope 2014 is kind to you all!