Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Do not get your hopes up!!

Came in from doing the horses last night to a message "can you call Mark at South Essex Insurance, he called as you entered a competition to win a Horsebox" - if you get this call do not, repeat DO NOT, get excited, you have not won a Horsebox!  South Essex insurance are cold calling to find out when your horse insurance is due for renewal.

Now everyone knows when you enter a competition like this they are using it to get your details, no one is naive enough to think they are giving away a wagon out of the kindness of their hearts so being cold called is fair enough.  Asking you to call them back is a bit bloody off and lets be honest mentioning the competition to make sure you do call back is very off!  I can't quite see how anyone at South Essex Insurance thought this was a cunning plan...

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