Monday, 10 November 2014

Quick March to London

Spur of the moment decision to dash down to London to see the Poppy installation on Remembrance Sunday before they start to remove them on the 12th.  A look at the train times suggested it could be done with a 5hr and 3min window of opportunity in London, wouldn't want to hang about but definitely "do-able".  

Reginald the Chelsea Pensioner Bear gave his uniform a good brush and when he was spick and span we headed off to Carlisle station.  Just a wee delay of fifty minutes (arrrgh) but soon we were on the train and heading to the sunny south.  We arrived at Euston and Reggie suggested a quick four mile TAB to the Tower - I bundled an unsuspecting bear into a taxi instead.  We made it, just in time for the last of the sun to illuminate the poppies and we walked all around the tower both impressed by the spectacle and saddened by what they signified (every poppy indicates a Serviceman's death in WW1).

Reggie posed for a few snaps (not just mine), pulled a much younger woman in the Tower of London Shop and we headed home, glad we'd seen it.


Denise said...

Fantastic! For me a quick dash to Carlisle is a big thing!Must adopt some of your thinking!

Mo said...

Well done you two - I mean three !! It looks wonderful.

Laura said...

I am glad we went, it was definitely worth seeing. Denise, we have become country mice - I couldn't work the door on the train loo and some nice French tourists had to show Mark how to work the self service tills in WH Smith!