Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Wildlife Camera - April

I was so pleased with the photos from the Birdcam 2.0 last month that I kept an eye out on Ebay for a second one and was lucky enough to see one listed, win it and have it delivered within 24hrs.  So it got a new card and some fresh batteries and of into the woods it went on the 10th, on the 13th it was absent without leave.  I'd like to think the badgers investigated it and pulled it down but if it was them they left the bungee cords neatly coiled at the tree (and if it was a tea leaf, just take the sodding bungees, they were good ones, you'd of found them useful).  Needless to say I am peering down the set and also checking Ebay regularly, it may turn up in one place or the other.

On happier news the original camera got an exciting shot this month, all the regulars and a good shot of a female bullfinch (I think?) plus a mound of badgers in one shot - this year we have badger cubs.

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