Thursday, 27 August 2015

Where we are up to!

Like a lot of Northern studs we've found this a long and tedious breeding season, we got Harmony in foal early in the year and then nothing for weeks so in some respects we've finished up OK.  Eight mares scanned in foal To Arrayan, with Ellie a possible - she had tone when we scanned her but the vet couldn't quite reach (she's a big girl)!  Bridget and Fatima are having a well deserved, planned year off in 2016, unfortunately Yaya, Ruby and Pitufa didn't play ball and are empty as well.  That's a bit disappointing.  The weather has, to put none to fine a point on it, been shit.  Nothing is taking any harm from it but coats are starting to thicken up, we have a bountiful supply of mud and even if the tractor was fixed (hopefully not long now) we wouldn't be able to top the weeds which lurk in my photos and irritate me greatly!

We are still busy with horses for breaking and schooling, despite the weather Mark has been working very hard with them and without blowing our own trumpet (well only a little) I think it shows.  I've heard good reports on the ones that went home earlier in the summer which is always lovely.  Rio went home today leaving a spare box for my three year old to come in to soon and Mac is doing well, he's still a little unsettled (first time away from home) but he's been tacked up, stirrups down and leant over.  


Mo said...

Who is that in the first pic Laura. Quite a wee stunner.
In S Ireland on holiday and they have had as bad if not worse weather than we have had in Scotland.
Mark is still managing to produce some great schooling/breaking results - that's good news indeed.

Laura said...

It's Ombu - Fatty's foal, he is very lovely! :-)