Sunday, 11 October 2015

Tilting at Rockrose

We went up to Rockrose Equestrian centre near Haddington today to a "Have a go at Tilting" demo and met up with Rebecca with Chamfron By Dand.  He was in good form, showing of his newly developed endurance trot, perhaps not the easiest to nail a tiny ring with a lance from.  He is pictured with the "practise lance" - a broom handle - going up the tilting lane for the first time.

Mark and I managed to get a ring, well Mark got several, I was happy with one, it was one more than I was expecting to get!  It was also the first time I'd ridden Arrayan in the company of another stallion as the demo horse was the AES stallion Freckleton Enchilada, needless to say both boys were impeccably behaved.


Cindy said...

That is so cool!

Laura said...

It was a great day out, would definitely go again. :-)