Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Clearing out

Fatty was waiting patiently for her transport yesterday, all bright eyed and bushy tailed.  The clippers are long since packed so she is sporting a very floofy mane and an impressive beard.  I have been very lucky to find a super yard for her so the plan is to get her back under saddle and hopefully have some fun.  I put Juana down, she should have gone at the same time as Mabel and Llamita but rather too literally dodged a bullet.  I then sold the last two foals so she did stirling work keeping Fatty company over the winter (she adored Fatty, Fatty was "meh" about Juana).  She'd had a rough time somewhere along the line, covered in scars and at times fearful, so a nice winter with lots of food, lots of carrots and a (fickle) best friend with absolutely no chance of ending back in a rough home.  

So the last horse has left Wattaman, I made one poor decision (to the two people I said "I am trusting you, if you screw me over it won't be the worst thing that has happened to me this year" it wasn't actually an invitation!!) but I am counting it as a success and I have never been more ready to follow that horse box down the road and leave here.

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