Sunday, 2 April 2017

Fatima away

Keeping Fatty as my riding pony was always a gamble, I bought her as a broodmare after all, a job she has done brilliantly for Chamfron Stud.  She came into work easily, never bucked or bounced but in my heart I know she isn't the right pony for me.  I decided to pop an advert on Facebook and I could of sold her ten times over, she was paid for within hours and tonight Jo took her down to Eric Gillies for me so she can head off to Essex tomorrow.  Super star Bubbles went in the wagon to wave her off.  I am not giving up riding and I will horse (or in reality, pony) shop, Jo's yard is fantastic (feel a bit guilty as Fatty was so happy there) so I just need to find a suitable replacement.  I don't want to think too hard that that is all of Chamfron Stud gone now, I'd hoped to keep one of "our" horses but she is too bright for me, balanced, athletic, light in the hand (and with the most marvellous snort too) so she heads off to a more active home.  Maybe one day I'll have a Chamfron back!

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