Thursday, 1 June 2017

Big views (and small grey ears)

I've lived in the Scottish Borders before so why do I not remember it being so lovely over here, the views, the weather, oh and have I mentioned once or twice that I love the cottage?  The Rhododendrons around the cottage are blooming and full of bees and there are wild flowers aplenty along the drive.

Spider and I are venturing further each day, he went out cantering with the legend that is Sir Patrick (Lie Forrit) today and is absolutely convinced he would have beaten him up the Cheltenham hill (we will gloss over the fact that wee white legs were going like pistons and Paddy may still have been in trot!)  Spidey strutted back to the yard full of self importance and cheer.

It would have been Marks 39th Birthday today, I can't believe this is the second one he has missed.  I appreciate that people remember and that they talk about him to me and that they miss him too.  Of course I also appreciate the emergency gin parcels I receive from friends!  

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