Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Trail camera

Well the original Wingscapes Birdcam 2.0 finally gave up completely, sadly as it is one of the few trail cameras to have a white flash which I like.  I've kept an eye out for one on Ebay for a long time but they've been discontinued and sightings have got rarer and rarer over the years.  Needless to say I hit the buy it now button quickly when an unused one turned up the night my one took its dying breath!  I've been house (dog / badger) sitting this week so the camera came with me and I was very excited last night when I got back from work as there were four fat badgers furiously hoovering up peanuts right in front of it!  I will leave it there as the game keeper here isn't keen on them (trail cameras OR badgers!) and hope to get some photos of cubs soon.  


Val Ewing said...

Wow! Badgers! I've only ever had a glimpse of one!

Laura said...

This is an incredible spot, I was able to sit within a metre of them last year and take photos with a flash and they didn't bother. Absolutely amazing :-)

Anonymous said...

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