Monday, 31 December 2018

Well where did that year go?

Well, nothing to report, nothing at all - this has to stop, 2019 is where I kick myself up the backside and do something, anything!!

We've seen a few more Chamfron's change home this year, Compostela is with Fiona Chalk, Snow Goose is with Lynn McClure and Aguacero has been sold to a barrel racing home.

A few that had become strangers have popped up, it was lovely to get adult photos of Confetti and a ridden shot of Marco Polo.  There are photos I absolutely love this year, Firefly at Seacliff in front of the bass rock, Bombero on the polo pitch and more recently Tizona and Paloma meeting at TREC.

2018 has been a year where our wee family got smaller, with the loss of both Wif the whippet then just days later Mark's gran Peggy, little people with big hearts.  That is how I feel about 2018, it got smaller and less and that isn't good enough, 2019 will be back to saying "yes" to offers and opportunities, to travel more and to being better.  My life is trouble and stress free, it's generally happy and I am surrounded by really good people but that makes it oh so easy to be lazy!

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Cindy said...

Go get it girl! <3