Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Lokrum, Cavtat and Cats!

The end of the week included a trip to Lokrum Island, the island that is immediately visible from the old town.  Green and leafy it is mostly inhabited by peacocks and rabbits.  Both the island and the pirate boat visible in some of my photos were in Game of Thrones, as was of course the old town, wasted on four out of the five of us who haven't even seen one episode.  Viv and I also went to Cavtat for a day and managed a very quick stone stack there.  When we came back we saw more of Dubrovnik than we planned, lets just say the number 10 bus takes a different route home and we stayed on a little too long.  A last (by then, much needed) sit on the beach for another epic sunset and a last feed of the cats (three out of five widows are crazy cat ladies, mostly in denial).  Fabulous much needed holiday, I feel like I've been away much longer (in a good way!)

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Cindy said...

Breathtaking photos! I do recognize the town from GOT. Very cool!