Sunday, 24 April 2022

This week in Chamfrons!

Chamfron Tigre de Ojo has been enjoying the sunset, pink pony meets pink sky.  Chamfron Almendra had her eventing debut just nine months after finishing her polo pony career.  She was a very respectable ninth at Waverton with Flo Daly doing a fabulous job as jockey.   Chamfron Nicobar jumped round his first BE100. 

Then on Sunday it was the turn of the endurance ponies, after a 4.30am start and a road closure that added an hour to the journey Jessica and Chamfron Colorado made it to Culbin for the 30km class.  Cruising round at his best speed yet, averaging 12.97 kmph SC2, HR out 36 HR return of 36/36 and he even added some extra moves to his final trot up so clearly needed another loop!  He also picked up "Best Condition" for his class and some lovely compliments from the vet.  Meanwhile Rebecca and Chamfron By Dand had a long day heading down to Seacliff, a few wrong turns meant they did around 35km and they presented to the vet quickly as it was so cold but a HR of 36 out and 47 in meant a SC2 Gold.

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