Thursday, 17 July 2008

Our new house - the short version!!!

Well we bought this little flat 4 years ago, off plan.  We now know that when they say "off plan" what they really mean is "we may at some point in the very distant future produce something that roughly sounds like it may be what you bought" it does not mean that they are in any way obliged to keep their promises on minor things like.... painting, flooring, shower, quality of finishing, parking, well you know anything really!!

So finally they thought "b*gger this, lets get the mugs to pay for it" and demanded the cash, in seven days if you please!!!  

All paid for and we thought we'd collect the keys... from the fruit and veg shop in the village and off we went to peruse the glory and joy that was "our new house."  First problem, NO NUMBERS ON DOORS, I kid you not!!!  What flat was ours?  Up the stairs we went, down the stairs we went, and finally we found the door the key fitted!

In the flat, well they have painted (walls, window frames, windows....) and they did put the skirting on (we are not worthy!!) so would you like a guided tour?

First off the living room.  Huge isn't it?  A real party palace!!

And look there are the french doors leading onto the balcony.  Oh yes the new house has a balcony with views over the river tweed.  Well it did!!!!!!!!  The advertising made a lot of the balcony and when we went to see the house a month ago it had a balcony.  So if anyone has seen a missing f'n balcony I WANT IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bedroom, its not so large... really its not so large.  Or even square.  But look Mark can lie down in it, both ways no less.  Hell bedside tables are way over rated!

The bathroom is Unique. its an L shape, now if you imagine the long bit of the L shape well there is nothing in that bit.  In the short bit of the L shape is the sink, the loo and the bath, all at jaunty angles to each other!

But the kitchen, the kitchen is great!!!!!!


Momma / Cowgirl said...

Too funny.. I do guess you were joking about the size of everything being sooo small?
I have never heard of buying a house off plan. I hope you enjoy your tiny, but cute place.
It is always nice to learn about how others live in other countries.

happy horsin' around!

Gypsy James said...

Not much room for a house-warming then....?

Wasn't the house I came to yours then? I thought it was, but that was me jumping to conclusions...