Thursday, 31 July 2008

Some thoughts on Criollos

This time last year we didn't own a Criollo, not one - Madness how did we ever manage?!!  The one thing I now know about Criollos is that they are addictive.  Now don't get me wrong, Mark is still a huge fan of Thoroughbreds and I love my appaloosas and yon mule, but if I could only ever have one horse it would be a criollo.

At the moment we have no Criollos for sale, only a few Criollo x TB blobs for 2009!  However if you want to know where to get a good riding gelding or mare, with papers, flown in to the UK and arriving looking absolutely fabulous then we know where to get you one!

As an  aside - this lad is the 3yo FULL BROTHER to Arrayan, currently in training for the Criollo world champion reining championships in Brazil.

Nice Horse!!!

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