Monday, 1 December 2008

Magical Mule....

Dear Mule Lovers, 

I am frosty, please send donations for a rug, mum says I have one but I don't need it.  For mules sake look at me, I am like a popsicle.

Mum says I am "magical" - I would rather be warm.  I have a white mane and tail and my fur is like tinsel, sparkling in the sun.

I am comfort eating

Love Treacle


Cloudhunter said...

Dear Treacle,
Next time your mum comes to try and catch you- let her get almost to you.... then run away! Keep doing this until she gives in a gets you a new rug.
Plus, the exercise will counteract the comfort eating!
Best Wishes

Meg said...

Treacle & I have something in common....We are BOTH comfort eating!!!
Everyone looks nice and healthy but the weather looks dreadful and for someone from Canada to say that is saying something!!!