Monday, 29 December 2008

Better late than never!!!

On Christmas Eve Mark Dysoned  the cable for the Mac - that was obviously fairly disastrous - I had no computer fix and Mark says he will never Hoover again - B*gger!!!

So incase anyone was thinking that the annual ritual humiliation of the horses did not happen - fear not!!!

Arrayan "Santa" Numa

Pitufa - "I will not eat this foreign muck, poison, poison"

Quinton - when you're threatened with Potters as often as I am, you wear the Santa hat and you smile - lots"!!!!

My Christmas present from Mark was a Necklace in the shape of a Chamfron from the Celtic Goldsmith

My gift to mark was a pair of polo boots in his favorite leather (Shhhhh don't tell Treacle).....



Rising Rainbow said...

The pics of the horses are too cute. Sometimes I subject mine to such nonsense too. Not this year though and I missed it. Thanks for the laugh.

Have a Happy New Year!

Meg said...

HI Laura.... I love the photo of the geese with the Christmas balls. I was wondering exactly what a "chamfron" actually is? I saw the necklace (beautiful by the way and extreemly thoughtful) but it doesn't really explain it to me. Any news from Pete?

Laura said...

Hi Meg, Peter is having a lovely time, due back at the end of the month (will be a shock to the system!)

The Chamfron is the armour that war horses wore - I have some photos right back at the beginning of the blog.