Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow again....

Well looking at the rest of the country we are pretty light on snow here (so far?!!) Still we have enough to make it scenic so a few photos....

Firstly we have "head in charge of pasture management" - the sheepies.  They are tidying up the house field having done the side field already.

Mule trekked valiantly through great snow drifts to meet me....

This made me laugh - Liz is standing in her own private blizzard!  It wasn't snowing in the field but she was stood directly under the snow blowing off the roof muttering "its going in my ears" - clearly age has not bought wisdom!

Here we have Cherry trying to "liberate" Liz's rug!

Mule "we need to have a discussion about haylage"

Back field, barely even talking to me!  They do have a nice sheltered valley - they like to stand on the hill top and look miserable instead!

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