Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Sunday - The Rough and Ready Match!

Flags flying over the arena - please note the distance between the English and Argentine flag, somebody had told Sebastian that the host flag had to go on top and he wanted his own Argentine flag as far away as possible due to a "small disagreement 25 years ago."  We were just missing Andrew's Australian flag which was sadly left in Wales!

Then the hangovers were shrugged off and the match started.  Santiago and Mark in Orange and Sebastian and Andrew in Red.

The match was fairly violent and just to show I am a impartial photographer (!!) here is a nice shot of Mark rather illegally using his elbow in Sebastian's kidneys!

I think the final score was 13 - 9 to the orange team?

We quickly ran Santiago to the airport to catch his flight back to Argentina then after another lovely meal we headed back up the road, ready to plan the June re-match for Mark's birthday...

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