Monday, 25 May 2009

Busy, busy, busy!!

Been a busy old weekend here, polo at Edinburgh on Saturday and Sunday.  I think Saturday is better left as a blurry memory deadened by alcohol.  Much improved game on Sunday with the team just losing one match and winning the other.

I'd like you to imagine the perfect neck shot photo - pony heading directly towards me, whippy stick just ready to wrap right around, ball about to fly directly right... keep imagining it, I missed it, it was a second after this one!!!  Arghhhhhhhhh.

Caught in the act... This is why he is watched like a hawk.  Honestly he'd be more likely to eat grass if he got his bridle off but just incase he went "courting" he is well supervised!

Monday saw us up bright and breezy to see Tizzy at Northumberland show in glorious sunshine.  He behaved really well and was fifth in a strong hunter youngstock class.

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