Saturday, 9 May 2009

English vs Scottish Hunts.

After some furious bicycle polo won by the Percy the English vs Scottish Hunts polo match was won by England  4 - 3 (so on handicap difference)  I think this is their first win in three years?

Can you tell the first chukka was a little damp?

Charlie sat out most of the third chukka - the photo shows why - this is the moment his mare slipped and lost her shoe and her back boots! 

Arrayan and Pitufa played well, though Pitufa spent most of the day in her fleece and heavy weight Fal rug, sighing and shuddering every time someone walked past.  To be fair so did the Argentine club pro, Bertie - first plane back to the warmth anyone?

Arrayan got told off after the first chukka - he rubs his bridle off, quicker than a greased weasel, today he got it caught in his ears and pulled back breaking his lead rope as well.  So he sought sympathy with everyone else....

"Hello, have I told you she beats me..."

"She doesn't feed me either..."

"And there are never enough weeman..."

Poor neglected pony!!!!

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