Monday, 11 April 2011

Apparently I have cooties....

I love my Muckboots, they look pretty awful but I adore having warm feet, as a trade off its one I think is more than fair. I'm on about my fourth pair and highly recommend them to friends. So I was more than a little disappointed that my latest pair split along the heel within three months of wear. So back to the Dumfries Tarff Valley agricultural suppliers they go, a 55 mile round trip.

Well how grotty was I made to feel as the member of staff said "we can't take them back you will need to clean them" I may add they were not hanging with horse shit and had been run under the tap but you know they'd been worn and well, worn on a farm (shock horror!) When I questioned this I was told "they are a bio hazard" (seriously) I questioned exactly how washing them would make them less of a bio hazard and got "well at least they would look clean" (she gave me a firm look up and down at that point, making me feel like I hadn't bathed in a week.)

OK I said "do you have a tap?" "Only in the kitchen" - seriously, not so much as a stand pipe to water the plants...?! So to conclude, Tarff valley in Dumfries will not take back faulty boots unless they are immaculate incase they catch something off you! If I had taken them back clean they would have sent them off and I would probably have got a refund.

Right back in the car go the wellies, I vow never to shop in their shitty store again (well unless I can cover myself in slurry first, then I'll just hang about in the cafe.) I'm already writting my green pen letter to Tarff and Muck boots head office in my head and its going to be mean.

Impulse decision, we will go to Tarff Valley in Longtown, the manager, who is cheery, friendly and helpful immediately replaces the muck boots with a new pair, if I don't like the colours she has in stock she will order me some in for tomorrow. She gives me a new receipt incase anything goes wrong with this pair, she offers me the old pair back, she doesn't look horrified that the originals have seen combat, in fact she even touched them without keeling over.... My happiness is restored, my feet will be dry, all is well.


Cheyenne said...

Not the first time for me there either!

Your rights under the Consumer Credit Act, Quote"Not fit for the purpose they were meant for" So if you had a mind to be "naughty", you could invoke those rights, on the Company for loss, and remuneration! But if your happy, then thats ok.
I use MB`s, and they are BRILLIANT! Wouldnt e without them, but Some traders try to be awkward.

Laura said...

I'm quite happy to have new pair and am hoping the last lot were just a wee blip, just had to laugh at how utterly unhelpful one woman can be. I did vow not to go back there after the last time, when I was buying them and it was like pulling teeth to get them to get some out in my size. Cut of my nose to spite my face today by leaving sans bacon roll in a true stomp!!!!

Woman in Longtown couldn't have been more helpful mind so its obviously just something about the staff training or moral in Dumfries that causes them to be such jobsworth miserable gits!! LOL

Offley Hoo said...

You made me laugh out loud... thanks for that post!

Cheyenne said...

Thats maybe so? When WCF were in Lockerbie, I was never away, good crack, and friendly service. Shame.

Still I`m supposed to riding this afternoon, dont seem to have the will today? Still, I am looking forward to our annual trip to the Cheviots in July!! Three days of riding long routes, good company and? Some alcoholic beverages in the evening!!

Cheyenne said...

Sorry, forgot, what bacon roll??

Laura said...

They have a coffee shop in there now, to be honest I think thats the problem, its more like a garden center with gifts and cakes rather than an agricultural store so they don't approve of people who may have seen mud...!