Thursday, 2 June 2016

June already?

Amazingly a fair bit has been achieved this week, the Punto has gone to (hopefully) be MOT'd and sold and the tractor and all the implements are away to Andrew's, been power washed and will be sold at Longtown on the 6th.  Oddly the tractor leaving was a real catch the back of the throat, this is the beginning of the end moment, much more so than even Arrayan leaving.

My sole involvement in all this activity was two phone calls and a bit of ineffectual hanging about as everything was loaded up which shows that people continue to be amazingly kind.

All the foals have arrived, both here and with the mares in new homes.  The weather is glorious, life simply marches on.


Swiftlys view of the world said...

How does it happen? Life marching on as if not even paused.....Gorgeous photos and bye bye tractor I never took enough notice of you.

Cindy said...

Lovely photos, my heart goes out to you, all those foals are lovely, the memories, are cherished, and yes, this may be an end to your past, but it also precludes a beginning. We know not what the future holds, but I pray for you that it will be a bright one for you Laura. Peace be with you.