Monday, 20 June 2016

Summer solstice and stuff

So today is the summer solstice (soon be able to say "the nights are fair drawing in...") a full moon and five months since Mark died.  I continue to be incredibly lucky with the friends I have and never a week goes past without an invite for dinner, a random gift in the post or an email from someone telling me they've been riding the horse Mark trained for them and are thinking of us.  Todays present of beautiful flowers and chocolates has me absolutely stumped, I have no idea who it is from but am eating the delicious chocolates while I ponder, thank you little people!

Was glad to see Major Tim Peake land safely on Saturday.  The launch was one of the last things Mark and I really took an interest in together and he seems such a genuinely good person.  It seems utterly inconceivable to me it was six months ago, Breakfast TV asked "how has your life changed in this time?" well...

On a lighter note, it amuses me greatly how many people no longer recognise me "out of context" and can't place me without Mark, I don't let on that this is not particularly great for the ego!

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