Friday, 19 August 2016

Paris - Part 1

Arrived in sunny (gloriously sunny!) Paris last Friday after a small run in with customs, it would appear that the foreign office is fine with your passport being valid for the duration of your stay, surly french customs officer less so.  "I think you will be going home today" I gave him a steely gaze "I think not" after a phone call and his face falling he waved me through, I didn't push for an apology!

I had decided that due to space constrictions with hand luggage that I would leave the camera and be sensible with shoe choices - fifteen miles or so later it became apparent I'd failed spectacularly on that front too, so here we have Paris by iPhone with added blisters.  Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur (with view of Eiffel Tower), Eiffel Tower (with view of Sacre Coeur), The Louvre pyramids, Arc de Triomphe and Montmartre all ticked off in true tourist style.

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