Thursday, 4 August 2016

Testimonials - Part 3

The latest batch of lovely comments about Chamfron Stud.

Pat Howe (Owner of Chamfron Ombu)
I spent all last summer looking at pictures on the website of little Ombu. Should I or shouldn’t I? Did I need another horse. Definitely not! Then Laura employed the magical marketing technique, a picture of his blue roan period. I took one look at his eyes and that was it. Would I regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t have him? Definitely. It is hard to write an original testimonial, everyone has said the same thing and it is all true. He is the sweetest little thing, so very kind and gentle. I have total confidence in him and never think I am going to get hurt. I do things with him I would never do with a 14 month old yearling. I know he can be trusted not to go over the top of me, barge me, or hurt me. I explain the boundaries once and that is it. He doesn’t challenge. His attitude is “whatever”. He finds it far more interesting to co-operate and do exciting things than argue. He is 14 months old going on 14 years. The December night he arrived was horrendous. dark, gale force wind and heavy rain yet he was calm.. We spent our first night sleeping together, well he didn’t sleep much he was so interested. Laura said he would bond with me and by the morning he had. It then rained horrendously for the next month. Ombu spent most of that time living in a stable. Few other youngsters would have accepted that confinement as happily as he did. Everything about this horse I adore. Buying him was one of the best things I have ever done. If only I had started with Criollos 40 years ago life would have been a lot easier.

Anne Smith (Owner of Chamfron Chaco)
Simply, a Chamfron brings joy and fun to horse ownership. Why do these testimonials rate Chamfron youngsters so highly? Well, in a world where we are so time poor yet want the joy of horse ownership and the opportunity to bring a performance youngster forward, then realistically you need a horse that is relaxed, easy to work with, a delight to educate and who loves hugs; basically you need a Chamfron. My first-hand experience of a yearling Chamfron is that they are well bred, selected for a temperament that enables owners to enjoy the experience of bringing on a young horse without trauma and complications along the way. These foals work with you, they appear to have the ‘can do, will do’ mentality towards whatever is asked of them. This uniquely willing temperament at such a young age appears so unique to Chamfron, that’s why you know you want one! Oh and their colour – stunning, absolutely stunning.

Emma Lang (Owner of Chamfron Santiago)
I have always been a fan of foreign breeds, especially quarter horses, Andalusians , American Paints, Appaloosas etc and had been following the goings on at Chamfron Stud for two or three years on the web site and facebook. I loved what I saw, and with my love of endurance riding taking a bigger part in my horse world I was interested in the Criollo breed. When Santi was born in June 2015 I remember thinking what a stunning colt and to make a good height for me as well with him likely to finish at 15.2hh or so and I enjoyed watching all the foals progress on facebook and the blog site. Little did I know then that circumstances found me in the very happy position of being able to seriously look for another horse by Christmas 2015 and I immediately contacted Laura to see if Santi was still available. Lucky for me he was and he arrived with us here in East Lothian in March this year a fluffy 8mth old colt. My wonderful future prospect settled right in with his big pal and its now hard to imagine that he has only been with us nearly five months as he is so happy and relaxed. He is displaying all the characteristics I had hoped from his good breeding and from what I had researched about Criollos. He is pretty chilled and lets face it, not many babies would be happy at being left alone in the stable while their pal is away for the day or being ridden out. My little Santi doesn’t bother his nicely rounding butt! As long as he has food and someone gives him cuddles very little bothers him! He has been easy to work with aiming to please with just enough of his own opinions to keep life interesting, certainly in a couple of years when I climb on board! Laura loves to get updates on her babies, I always like it when breeders like to hear how their progeny are progressing! I am so sorry I never had the pleasure of meeting Mark and that my Chamfron purchase was at a very sad and difficult time for Laura. I feel really very honoured to have been able to own a Chamfron horse and love seeing the updates on Arrayan and how he is getting on.

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