Monday, 30 January 2017

2000 Blog posts

This will be the two thousandth blog post I have written over the last ten years.  We always wanted to be utterly transparent about how we ran the stud here, where the youngsters went and what happened next.  We have had sixty four foals born here, sixty one sold and in new homes with one still born twin and Mirador (illness) and Conquistador (injury) being put down before weaning.  We never lost a mare either in foal or foaling and to be honest in a different year we wouldn't of lost Conquistador either.

One of the youngsters was sadly put down in her new home after a freak field injury the rest appear to be pretty hale and hearty and are out competing in many spheres - British Eventing, British Showjumping, Dressage, TREC, Polo, Western, Horse Agility, Endurance, Showing - they hunt, hack and are simply part of the family.  They very rarely come back on the market and I consider so many Chamfron owners really good friends.  I love the fact that I have photos of so many of the youngsters from the day they were born to their first showing outing, first ride, first competition under saddle.

On the blog I've enjoyed showing the views, the wildlife and a little bit of the rest of our life.  I've even occasionally had a whinge and a moan though I try not to get too political.

Every year I have the blog turned into a book using Blog2Print, a diary to look back on and a hard copy of all the photos.  The cover photo is the first photo of the year in the blog hence the general furriness!


Denise said...

A brilliant record to have. I wish I had been as diligent with my blogging. I lack self discipline!

Kingmaker Dales said...

A brilliant record and a lasting legacy for all your hard work and dedication to both the Stud and each other. Good luck wherever the future takes you Laura xx