Sunday, 20 August 2017

Bits and pieces

Two year old Campeador is looking well although sporting the "what happens if you get stuck in traffic and don't have time to quality control the children's plaiting" look, it is somewhat unusual and makes me smile, lots.  Four year old Bellini has picked up another couple of red rosettes dressaging this weekend and heads off to dressage camp next month.  Santiago has been saddled and girthed up for the first time and is totally unbothered.  

When Fatty went and I said "one day I might own a Chamfron again" well I do and I've even pulled my finger out and updated his passport this time!  Now technically he was never sold from Chamfron Stud but there was a break down in communication earlier in the year and he was being moved on, however alls well that ends well and I get to play at being an owner these days while he is treated like a king with his new family.