Monday, 26 March 2018

Best place to live?

Melrose topped the list of best places to live in Scotland last week in a Sunday Times survey and I have to agree it's not too shabby!  I took a few snaps today of the Leaderfoot Viaduct, Scott's View (over to the Eildons) and the Chain Bridge over the Tweed.  The sun has been shining most of the week and the boys have had two days with their rugs off, Paddy and Edward looked confused "who are you?" "It's me, Spider!  I'm naked" they looked at each other and shrugged "but you are so much smaller and floofier?"  There has obviously been much bouncing and rolling going on.  The Chamfrons have been busy this weekend, Chaco was placed in a strong showing class, Bellini has qualified for the Sunshine tour at Hickstead and Colorado stormed round his first SERC pleasure ride with Jessica.

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