Thursday, 19 August 2021

Holiday - Part One!

Three nights in a pod booked and a vague plan to climb a big hill so we headed up North, stocked to the gunnels with Krispy Kreme donuts.  A quick swing in to show Craig the Kelpies then we headed on to Fort William.  An evening leg stretch took us along the Caledonian Canal to Neptune's staircase, this is an amazing feat of engineering which raises the canal by 19m in a quarter of a mile.  It takes around 90 minutes for a boat to travel up or down the locks. Built by Thomas Telford between 1803 and 1822, it is the longest staircase lock in Scotland.  I am more used to seeing photos of Chamfron Colorado navigating the wee narrow bridges over it!

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Val Ewing said...

Those are the most amazing statues I've ever seen! So beautiful.
Sounds like a wonderful trip.