Monday, 9 August 2021

This week in Chamfrons!

Mojito had his first away from home outing, the plan is a second trip out before a dressage test in October.  Colorado did the 30km at Dungarthill, overnighting with Rebecca, Firefly and By Dand, this resulted in a very relaxed pony and a starting HR of 24!  A lovely ride with nice varied tracks and a return HR of 36, SC3 gold, and BTQ2.  Nicobar had a showcross outing and Tizona went cross country.  It is so lovely to see everyone getting back out competing once more and things starting to feel almost normal.  Craig and I sat in a pub and had a drink on Friday night, I am not sure we have ever done that!

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Val Ewing said...

Great to see things moving back toward normal for you. Of course, if you follow the news, you know what is happening here in the US.