Sunday, 19 September 2021


Lovely night to hack the fluff over old haunts but here in lies the dilemma... He's only little and I have stacked on the weight during lockdown.  I have now hit the weight limit I'd imposed on myself and while I was wearing a hideously unflattering granny coat some photos did make me go "oooff" - when your backside is wider than the ponies something has to give.  So what is it?  I need to get a grip of my constant snacking (she says while juggling a large glass of wine and shoving a Dorito in dip with the other hand) - do I sell him, do I find a sharer, do I retire him (he's only fifteen), would I ever want another horse?  I don't know the answers.  Tonight we were buzzed by a Golden ringed dragonfly as we rode through the woods which was pretty special, getting buzzed by the cattle, less so...

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