Friday, 24 September 2021

Spotted on my travels (13)

Or things you see when you are out looking at trees!  Firstly the Scottish Korean War Memorial which comprises a small wooden pagoda, surrounded by 110 Korean pine trees (one for every ten Britons who died in the conflict) and 1090 birch trees (one for each of the fallen).  The traditional Korean pagoda contains a list of those who died in the conflict.

Further up the hill is Witchcraig Wall, the wall was constructed in 2003 and illustrates the geological variety of central Scotland, with 43 different stones from places that can be seen from this view point.

Then lastly (after "deer of the day" of course!) Cairnpapple henge monument – a rare class of Neolithic ceremonial monument. The broad summit of Cairnpapple Hill was a significant site for ceremonies and burials for at least 4,000 years, The reconstruction of the burial cairn was done in the early 1950s, effectively adding a concrete dome (which you can enter when it is open).

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