Friday, 10 July 2009

Chipita at a month old.

Well we have to say we are thrilled with all the foals this year but I must admit I adore Ruby's foal, the cross with Nico seems to produce these incredibly human friendly, super quiet and well, adorable foals.  Chipita believes that people are only there to fawn over her and she gives kisses (there goes my reputation) and demands her backside scratched, her full brother was absolutely the same last year.

She certainly has her dams head and neck and the QH backside!

I haven't done her American papers yet as I can't work out the colour of her eyes!!

Bit of blue in this one but I couldn't quite make out if she has the same on the near side in the evening light.

I wonder if I could use these photos for her registration... both sides and front and back!!

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Kate said...

She is really gorgeous and seems to have the personality to match!