Friday, 10 July 2009

Malambo and Viscacha

No point in giving this pair a separate blog as they do everything together, they sleep together...

and when Viscacha gets up, Malambo is "encouraged" to get up too!

They play furiously together, though Malambo thinks he is boss!!

After these photos were taken, Malambo bucked and caught Viscacha fair and square under the chin and she was FURIOUS!!!  Well we all know nothing sulks like a Criollo, and the sulking part she definitely inherited!

Malambo bounced over happily to resume the fun but Viscacha was having none of it and glowered at him until he went away.  Loves young dream not taking a smooth path!

Viscacha was so grumpy she stomped over to see Chipita, "Oh" said Chipita "you don't normally play with me" 
"Your right" muttered Viscacha and stomped off again.

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