Monday, 19 December 2016

Festive Chamfrons

Ombu was the first of the Chamfrons to dig out his festive attire and get in the spirit.  In Perthshire Guzull the sheep offered Rebecca a hoof and was chief tinsel carrier for By Dand and Firefly, they are doing extreme tinsel close ups this season.  Bellini looks like a naughty little elf this year while Aguacero is going for a classy colour coordinated look.  Compostella and her Arrayan Numa foal, Floss are masquerading as Santa and Rudolf.  Tizona has ditched the tinsel this year and is preparing for the holiday in Barbados she is certain she deserves as a Christmas present.  Oro Rosa says there is no need for an angel when she is about and Cactus Jack (and girlfriend Sheep) say "Bottoms Up"!  The ex Chamfron broodmares Tammy, Morena and Bridget are all looking well and very festive in their santa hats.  Mojito is looking very handsome and is hoping for a kiss under his mistletoe.  The last four photos may be Colorado, Colada, Kukri and Olegario or they may be escapees from the Cairngorm reindeer herd...

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