Monday, 12 December 2016

The Oscars

As the yard is now seriously thinned out a time to sing a few praises!!

I am so thankful for the people that helped with the horses this year, I couldn't mention them all but the stand outs need a mention...

Michelle who moved haylage bales for me for four months, despite having plenty work of her own and generally being piss wet through (because it simply never stopped raining last winter) and what I will always be grateful for was amazingly she managed it and never made me feel like I was a pain in the arse for asking.  Her husband Kevin for keeping the driveway clear of trees and badger excavations and most notably for saving me from the saga that was trailer-gate (perhaps not my finest moment!)

Rose and Dick, who came over on Boxing Day to help teach Ombu to load and then just kept coming.  Who got that saying "call if you want a hand" doesn't work with the recently bereaved,  certainly not the pig headed recently bereaved who are doing a decent job of being a martyr.  They helped wean and load and bed down barns and kept up a regular supply of biscuits and take aways in a year that quite honestly hasn't been a barrel load of laughs for them either.

Ark vets in Lockerbie who were fantastic and hugely supportive, Farrier David Burns and Haylage Supplier (and tractor power washer) Andrew Proctor.

Seth and Andy Douglas (Douglas Horse Transport) who transported the vast majority of the Chamfrons up and down the country, who never gave me a moments worry that they would arrive anything but safely.

And lastly a thank you to Caroline and Nick Clarry who donated a block of stables to the RDA in Marks memory.


Cindy said...

Sounds like you have amazing friends who have you back! :)

R Riches said...

O Gosh , how kind Laura . But I have always said you have to beat Dick with a stick to stop him helping ! There is no escape !!