Monday, 24 September 2007

Growing up fast!!

Kofi's foal continues to make us go "WOW" - he is growing up into a really lovely looking horse, shedding out into a very dark grey. He is sold and has been named "Chamfron Nagasha" by his new owner Sian. Looking forward to hearing how he gets on in the show ring!

Pitufa - a busy little smurf....

Pitufa - a lovely exotic argentine name - yes? Well no not quite, remember the smurfs? Blue cartoon characters with pointy white hats? The girl one - yip thats Pitufa in spanish!!
Well Pitufa has settled well into life here and has been a busy little smurf! Playing in three tournaments and hunting (whipping in!!!) twice before we were stopped with the foot and mouth outbreaks.

She has grown her summer coat in beautifully now and is no doubt thinking how awful winter has been and that spring must be just round the corner!!! Poor pony, a big change from cutting cattle on the pampas! She's come a long way and done a lot, cow pony, polo pony, whips horse....

A super pony in every way!

Thursday, 20 September 2007

David Bailey eat your heart out...!!!

Finally fame and fortune...(?!!!) I've been published! I'm sure now the royalties and commissions will come rolling in!

Oh O.K then, two of my photo's have been included in this weeks (20th of September 2007 issue) of Shooting Times and Country Magazine.

They look fabulous in print!!

To buy any of my photo's please go to my photobox albums!