Friday, 29 July 2011

Fingers FIRMLY crossed...

For NO rain, for a few days at least!!! Brian has cut our front field and the foals are kicking back and growing like weeds in the sunshine, lets hope it holds on for a few days.

Chamfron Malambo - 27 months old.

Finished covering for 2011

Having brought Bubbles in to tease this morning and admired her best Camel impression we conclude that she has no intention of producing a sibling to the lovely Wills in 2012! We will be having later foals next year as my ankle really didn't hold up to covering for a while there and we still have to tease Mable and Ellie next month but all being well we should have the following foals due in 2012.

To Arrayan Numa...

Midnite Harmony due the 20th of April.
Lady Erica due the 25th of April.
La Reine de Rome due the 24th of May.
Gordian Knot due the 7th of June.
Sue Ellen due the 26th of June.

To Exbury Ghost...

Oor Eagle Eye Cherry due the 17th of May.
Abelbeck due the 4th of June.
Sheza Perfect Zippo due the 12th of June.
Carter Bar due the 2nd of July.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

SWSRC - Wednesday night SJ League (last night!)

Last night of the wednesday showjumping league organised by the South West Scotland Riding Club and held at Racks and it was glorious sunshine - photos can be seen here - SWSRC SJ'ing.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Chamfron By Dand - 38 Months old.

Now hacking out quietly, photo thanks to Rebecca.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

"Cobs Can" in the sunshine!

Omar dropped off my copy of Cobs Can on Thursday night, signed of course! I've been having a good flick through, childishly going "oh look one of my photos, oh another one, oh LOTS of my photos" - I'm quite easily amused when all is said and done. Sunbathing weather, the red neck look is undoubtably classy and for negotiating the still muddy gateways.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Puppy Show

When we first moved to Dumfriesshire we walked a couple of hound puppies for two years, Warrent and Wager in 07 and Sandal and Savior in 08 (then the kennel got commandeered for chooks!) We were kindly invited to the puppy show today as Warrent was awarded the Rhona Bell McDonald Cup for the hound that has contributed most to the pack over the last few seasons. He has also been used as a stallion hound and I think the best bitch puppy was Sausage and was by him (looking at Andrew in the fourth snap) and Gandolph who was the best doghound from the 2010-2011 entry was also one of his (hairy hound in the third snap). Warrent and Wager should be in the first photo (somewhere!) and Warrent is in the second.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Oh dear, Oh dear...

Well I was at Racks for the SWSRC Showjumping last night and I can make all the excuses (errr it was dark, it was raining) but quite honestly my photos are pathetic, my mistake was saying to Mark something along the lines of "I think I'm really improving at taking photos in poor conditions" ha ha ha ha... kidding myself there I think... oh dear! Well I shall be hoping for glorious sunshine to finish the league next week and there is a handful of photos from last night here - SWSRC SJ 20/7

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Mimosa, Wills and Goosey.

Growing up!

Toad, Mouse and little Chooks.

I've been rather remiss about photos of the farm the last few weeks! The four little chicks are doing well with the two black bantams sharing the raising of their small family. They are currently catching a few rays of sun in the garden but you know its been yet another wet summer when there are toads taking up residence in the lawnmover!

The latest lodger is Mouse owned by Raymond, she arrived on Friday and is here to be ridden away, she will go home in a couple of months to go hunting. Mark bought his first point to pointer from Raymond some twelve years ago, Just Ned is still here, enjoying his retirement! Mouse is settling in well and proving to be exactly as described.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Ellen Valley Riding Club Dressage.

Photographing yesterday at Ellen Valley Riding Club dressage, absolutely excellent turnout with classes starting at 9am and finishing (bang on time) just after 7pm. The weather was patchy with one absolute downpour complete with thunder and lightning about 3pm which had us all running for the cars! There are three albums to view -

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

SWSRC - Wednesday night SJ League (2nd night!)

Have just been photographing at the second night of showjumping held at Racks and organised by the South West Scotland Riding Club. Another dry night and a good turnout - photos here - SWSRC SJ.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Petnanny Charity Circus Dogwalk.

Photographing yesterday with Caroline Howlett (aka "Petnanny") at her charity circus dogwalk in aid of the Great North Air Ambulance. Some fabulous outfits, lovely cakes, good weather and a great turnout, all photos here - Circus Dogwalk!

Smurf the pony from Mini Pony Hire came and gave rides and was utterly unphased even by tiger striped dogs larger than he was!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Chamfron Firefly - Eight weeks old

Looking like she will shed out liver chestnut, a very sweet natured filly.