Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Wildlife Camera - February and March

Trail Camera was to become "Owl Cam" in February but that wasn't a huge success and rapidly became crow and pigeon central, we might revisit that later in the year.  Back to the woods we went and everyone is present and correct, pronking deer, sly fox and posing tree rat all captured on camera one.  Camera two is getting some great shots of the badger and will no doubt improve when I resist checking it all the time!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Breaking and Schooling 2015

A few really grim days have meant the fields are back to sludge and we are not quite ready to book in horses for breaking yet but Blue the Dales pony belonging to friends has come over to experience a bit of life.  Yesterday he had his first trip in the trailer and today he has been sat on and was happy to walk round the stable both ways.  Ten and a half tons of wood chip have been put in the outside pen and we quickly swung from "oooo that's a big wagon" to "ahhhh not a huge pile of chips" so I suspect we will need more once it is all raked out.  Plodding on getting organised for the season ahead we just need the rain to stop!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Chamfron Paloma

Paloma looking very pleased with herself after winning an in hand horsemanship class with Alison today.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Chester Zoo (and Birthday!)

Yesterday started as Birthdays should, cake and gorgeous presents, then we headed off to Chester Zoo for a day out.  Its a lovely zoo with huge enclosures and we were smitten with an Aardvark with the run-abouts, if I play my cards right do you think I can have an Aardvark for my 40th?  Then we stopped for dinner at the George and Dragon at Clifton which was a fabulous meal, I may have been a *little* under dressed, in my defence I was expecting McDonalds from the services!!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Chamfron By Dand - Endurance

First competitive endurance ride for Chamfron By Dand and Rebecca, he cruised round the 30km ride at the highest speed for his category gaining a gold award, his first Bronze Thistle Qualifier and the suggestion that Rebecca might like to consider him being one of the novice horses on the Scottish team in Wales later in the year.  A lovely start to their season.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Signs of Spring (Part 2)

Some nice dry days meaning the first job of spring is possible, the dreaded driveway pot holes.  Mark's T-shirt (two for six pounds in Tesco) probably says it all.  I've started to take some rugs off, all naked in the barn and Ellie and Stela stripped.  I'd like Ned's rug off as he tends to take matters into his own hands the first day he gets warm but he wouldn't be caught and at twenty four perhaps he knows best.  We have hardly made a dent in the winter haylage and have a massive stack left, we've clearly not got enough horses!!

Eskrigg Nature Reserve

Always something different to see down at the reserve.  Some of the frogs and toads were making their way to the pond, plenty were already there and then we sat and watched lots of beautifully coloured lizards on the heathland after a tip of from Jim.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Caroline's gang

Nicobar, Milano and Bombero loving their new home in the sunny south!  Look at the white hairs on Prickle streaking up his top line, can't wait to see him in his summer coat.

Signs of Spring (The making of..)

I was totally oblivious!!

Signs of Spring

Spring is in the air and the frogs are plentiful behind the muckheap!

The Solar Eclipse

We saw the last one at Doncaster Bloodstock Sales in 1999, wonder where we will be for the next major one in 2026?