Monday, 31 May 2010

Northumberland Show 2010.

Another gorgeous sunny day at Northumberland show, first up was Chamfron Kukri who is a year old in a few days time. I thought he looked super and he was very well behaved for his first outing, including his first trip in a trailer since leaving here. He was pulled in fifth initially but ended up unplaced in what appeared to be a strong class of eleven yearlings and where some of the show produced horses towered above him (and he's not small!)

Chamfron Nagasha, who won here as a yearling, was placed third today in the three year olds due to being rather "on his toes". A photo of him being cheeky as the one where he was really moving out was blurry (I know, no excuse!!)

We were coveting the following cob, named Bright Spark II, isn't he just lovely? We were struck how similar his head and eyes were to Arrayan's.

Roan ponies will take over the world....!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Newest visiting mare...

The next visiting mare has settled in well, she is the Highland pony Monreith Fruiche owned by vets Rupert and Jo. She is here to visit Arrayan Numa to hopefully produce an endurance pony.

Rupert had a quick polo lesson on Arrayan and proved to have an excellent eye (Ok so its just me that has no hand eye co-ordination then?!!)


Bay filly born at 11.00 O'clock last night out of Sue Ellen and by Wonderfull Van'T Zwaaenheike.

Better photos to follow once she is able to go out (nasty cold wind today!) Love her markings and her legs seem to go on forever.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Enjoying the lovely evenings on the farm.

A few snaps from the farm tonight, Arrayan coming back from stick and balling.

Lucia spots her dad!

Then she spots me... Helllooooooo

Chamfron Compostela as a two year old, I've been trying to get shots to show her colour but she's such a bold friendly filly that you have to catch her unawares! She has now roaned out lightly with dark spots as far as her withers and still with the small white splodges she was born with. She is the most minimally marked Nico foal we have had but we really like her colour.

The palomino girls had a hoon around, Bubbles in front, visiting mare Poppy behind.

Poppy streaking past!

Synchronised yearlings.

Pitufa stick and balling

Pitufa washed off and ready to roll!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Chamfron Kukri.

Now nearly a year old and just after his bath!

Lovely to see him looking so well, his first show outing is in a weeks time at Northumberland County.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

CLMR and Cobs Can!

Photographing again today in glorious sunshine (I have shocking pink upper arms, the rest of me is persil white - good look!)

Dressage test photos are here - CLMR Dressage

Then we took the opportunity to get some snaps for Omar's book, a selection of which are here - "Cobs Can"

This is Omar's mare Ketchup, her daughter is in foal to Nico (Exbury Ghost) and due on the 12th of June.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Just like the Nullarbor...

We rattled down to Wetherby with the silver trailer today to meet up with its new owners, the weather was glorious, the sky was blue and in a flash back to my trip on the Indian Pacific there was a camel loafing out the window, so we pulled off so I could "meet" him.

Then when we came home we covered Lizzie, now Lizzie is a bred in the purple appaloosa with an excellent show record and successful progeny but she is now getting a bit older and this will be the last time we will try to breed from her. Well the foal, if we were lucky enough to get one would be a keeper so despite it really not being the "done thing" in spotty circles we decided to cover her with Arrayan (eeek spotty x classic roan... forgive me for I have sinned...!)

I think my face says it all...

Friday, 21 May 2010

Chamfron Colorado at ten months old.

Popped down to visit Colin who is now ten months old, suspect these will be the last photos of him as a "real man" as he is booked in to be gelded on Monday!

He still enjoys a good scratch!

With his pal, Toft.

Turning into a very smart little horse!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Jamaica and Lucia

Jamaica and Lucia looking happy and settled.

Lucia having a good stretch...

OK I'm up, get up mum...

Honestly I'm STARVING...


Pretty girl.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Aguacero at seven weeks old.

Having a hurtle round!

We went over to Border Reivers polo club today and picked up Will's mare "Jamaica" and her bay roan foal at foot, "Lucia" by Arrayan Numa. Mark played chukkas on some kindly lent ponies, the sun shone and the mare and foal loaded up and travelled perfectly.

Jamaica was in season so she was covered and turned out, rather hoping for a repeat of last year when she scanned 18 days in foal after being here 20 days!! Will get some photos of her and her foal tomorrow.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Chip at eleven months old

Photos thanks to Linda who was threatened with pain and suffering if she didn't take her camera when she went to visit!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Chamfron Nagasha.

Chamfron Nagasha who will be three in July, thanks for the photo Steve and Bob.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Roan children go out!

Viscacha and Malambo have gone out for the summer, still clutching onto their winter coats and poor Malambo is a little light after being gelded but hopefully they will bloom with the sun on their backs.

Viscacha's dam, Tammy (Gordian Knot) who was due to foal in four weeks time was showing firmly in season this morning and a quick vets visit later on confirmed she has indeed reabsorbed over the winter, she has now been covered by Nico. She is currently looking very "well" (... Fat)

Playing with Color Tint.

Well worth £1.19 for hours of entertainment, Mark has way more patience at it than I do though!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Economy Drive - Part II

With the cost of petrol we have cut costs by drafting in the use of more natural lawn mowers

This is Manuel and Bandito, expert grass munchers to the stars...

However their report so far should read "must try harder" as the sum total of their lawn manicuring is one lousy dandelion.