Sunday, 31 January 2016

Chamfron Bellini Backed

Another Chamfron starting her career under saddle despite the wind and rain, Bellini owned by Natalie is being aimed at a future in dressage.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Mark Douglas 1978 - 2016

Mark passed away at 3.20 this morning, my best friend for nearly twenty years, I have been lucky.

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Testimonials - Part 2

Some more lovely comments about Chamfron Stud!

Christine Harling (Owner of Chamfron Tizona)
​I am so lucky to have this fabulous horse in my life. The first time I saw her I knew I would have her or regret it forever - and how right I was.  She has been an absolute joy to own from fluffy foal to 4 year old: she is very bright, big and athletic, but with a kind, laid-back and very trainable temperament.  Nothing has ever been a problem for her, from my very first ride to hacking out alone over the main road, she just takes it all in and gets on with it.  She is lovely and easy to keep - tough and hardy, lives out all year round and stays plump and shiny in the coldest foulest weather.
I've been a fan of Criollos for a long time but finding good breeding in this country is rare - I'd definitely recommend her brothers and sisters to anyone looking for a really special horse.

Alison Cheetham (Owner of Chamfron Paloma)
When I first contacted Laura I was struggling to find a youngster with the potential to one day take over from my mare. The problem being that it would need to be a successful competitor in both English and Western disciplines, TREC and anything else that I think looks fun this week, and hack ANYWHERE on its own. When I made the 6 hour journey with the trailer to see Paloma Laura and Mark had given me plenty of evidence that she was the horse for me, and now she is 3 years old and already exceeding expectations. I was already a fan of the criollo breed and Arrayan but I was even more impressed when I met him. Like all his progeny, Paloma is very athletic and agile, very expressive and very intelligent but also very calm and confident. She is very easy to keep and handle and train and has already been very successful at Horse Agility. If I was to get another horse in the future I would want another Chamfron!

Sarah Chadfield (Owner of Chamfron Cactus Jack)
I was dreading the search for a horse to replace my old one, expecting many frustrating visits to equine establishments either run-down and depressing, or high gloss and intimidating. As it is I made just one phone call and two visits and I had my new friend for life!
Chamfron Stud is neither run-down, nor high gloss - just  homely and sensible. And there was no hard sell either. In fact I suspect Mark and Laura would actually have refused to sell me Cactus if they had thought he wasn’t suitable. I was struck by their honesty and total transparency - you can't have such an active Facebook page as theirs and be anything but! I was also taken with their obvious on-going interest in all their 'off-spring’ and their overriding concern for the horses to be well placed in good homes rather than just sold.
And finally, Laura's photos of their horses are fabulous. She generously takes and shares these  pics all along the way - In fact it's worth buying a Chamfron horse just for the photos!

Sally  & Richard Chamberlain (Mannog Appaloosas)
Would thoroughly recommend Mark  & Laura for starting or reschooling.  Professional, experienced, confident and gets the horses going outside. Fred and Rio came back more mature, more confident and ready to take on the world – well nearly!!  It is now up to us to continue the good work.

Winter Wonderland

What a beautiful morning on the stud, we've had a few light dustings but yesterday was the first decent snow fall of 2016, it covers the mud and tries to lift the spirits.  Yesterday Mark was heavily sedated and while this is exactly what we want for him, it was more difficult for me.  It won't be long and I am just so not ready.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

The next generation

Some lovely photos of the next generation, this is Pyro a two year old gelding by Chamfron Marco Polo out of a thoroughbred mare.  Recently purchased by Amber Trainer and looking really super, I'm looking forward to following his competition career as well.

Chamfron Quintana Away

Quintana had a short trip down the M6 to her new home today, she has gone to Tom Smith in South Cumbria as a future polo pony. 

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

It is probably time I said something...

A very difficult blog post to write, I feel I should but how do you put into words that your world has come crashing down in a way you couldn't possibly have imagined in your worst nightmares?  Mark was taken in to hospital just before Christmas, the results of the CAT scan, Lumbar Puncture and many many blood tests were all negative so we cruised into an MRI the Tuesday after Christmas with no real expectations that it would be anything but fine, and it wasn't.

On Monday the 4th of January Mark was given the diagnosis of CJD and the prognosis of months not longer, in reality I think it will be sooner.  I think Mark had been so tough for so long and so determined to protect me that none of us realised how desperately ill he is.  I can't imagine my life without my best friend beside me.