Monday, 31 March 2008

Surprise! (Rude, don't look mum!!)

Well we had the vet out today to swab the stallions and a few mares.

Poor old Lizzie gets dragged in to use as a tease....

Nico fine and dandy, Lizzie says "Fwrrrrr Yes!"

Next up Arrayan, who has never even looked excited at a mare, we have seen no evidence of his er "equipment" so it takes him a little while to warm up, then suddenly Kerrrrr Thunk.

Everyone (including Lizzie) goes "Jesus wept look at the size of that"

Arrayan saunters back to his box, Nico looks gutted

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Marty brought some photos of Flash yesterday, he was out of Lizzie and by Dances with Wolves.

Thanks for those Marty. Hope you guys will come and visit again when we have spotty babies (... and grass!) You know where we are now.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Ponies in the snow!!


All four girls carrying the "spots"!!!!

And dearest Quinton!

Friday, 21 March 2008

Jumping pony!!!!

Oh to be 14yo again!

(yes that is snow in that photo!!! Arghhhhhhhh)

Arrayan practising for our dressage outing next month....

First Egg!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Posh Ponies!!

Finally our girls have names!!! First choice all round, thank god as our fourth choices were getting a bit silly!! So we have...

Tammy is "Gordian Knot" by Mind Games and out of Timoko

Mable is "Carter Bar" by Perryston View and out of Senobar

Bridget is "La Reine de Rome" by Roi de Rome and out of We're Joken

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Loopy mule day.....

Totally distracted by muley today... she was galloping around the broodmares, flat to the boards. Then she would squeal, shake her ears and buck. Snort some more and then throw herself down on the molehills and roll and roll and roll. She must have done this for a good five minutes (until I stopped laughing and went for the camera) not one broodmare lifted its head.... poor bored mule!

Kofi came back to visit Nico on Sunday, so fingers crossed for a very early 2009 "show" foal! She certainly remembers the routine and Cheeko is still very much in love!

More chooks...

Last week Muriel and I excitedly went off to Carlisle to the poultry sales.... well it apears we may have underestimated the huge value of chickens at the moment!!!

We intended to buy six and we bought.....

Meet Freckles and Speckles! They are Light Sussex's (though I suspect not wonderful examples of their breed!) Freckles is very friendly and Speckles is rather aloof! So far we have chicken harmony in the shed, but no eggs!!

We also have room for a few more.... so watch this space!