Thursday, 31 July 2008

Crossguns Dancing Queen aka "Truck Dog"

On Monday Mark got a new dog, she wasn't exactly local proving that I shouldn't be allowed on the internet until I get a better grasp of geography!!  She is a blue heeler that was best puppy in breed 2007 at Crufts but has now decided she's not in love with showing so Kimberly kindly said we could have her.  She loves being in the car (unlike the whippets who hurl) and she has already been over to polo and been "head in charge of lorry" so far, so good.

For anyone considering a heeler her breeders can be found here - they have both older dogs needing new homes and occasionally puppies.  

Sadly we still have the same number of animals in the house with the sad demise of Obe the Hamster, he was a very very old hamster.

Some thoughts on Criollos

This time last year we didn't own a Criollo, not one - Madness how did we ever manage?!!  The one thing I now know about Criollos is that they are addictive.  Now don't get me wrong, Mark is still a huge fan of Thoroughbreds and I love my appaloosas and yon mule, but if I could only ever have one horse it would be a criollo.

At the moment we have no Criollos for sale, only a few Criollo x TB blobs for 2009!  However if you want to know where to get a good riding gelding or mare, with papers, flown in to the UK and arriving looking absolutely fabulous then we know where to get you one!

As an  aside - this lad is the 3yo FULL BROTHER to Arrayan, currently in training for the Criollo world champion reining championships in Brazil.

Nice Horse!!!


Another new girl joins the broodmare band, with the arrival of Abelbeck (Molly) a successful point to pointer by Meadowbrook.  She is an impressive big mare that really moves and we are thrilled to have her.  Thank you very much to Peter for letting us have her and for Steve and Bob for organising her "big move"!!

Dry mares and unofficial teasers under the rainbow!!

Blogging out of order this week as it's been a bit hectic!  Like many other studs in Scotland and the North it has been a challenging breeding season.  With many of the mares not cycling normally and we'll definitely be having later foals next year.  Mable is back in season this week, four others ready to scan next week.  At least another four still to cover.... Ah well the boys are happy!!  

Another new arrival to blog about later......

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Border Union.

Absolutely scorching day at the Border Union today!  Tizzy was in a strong yearling hunter class, first impressions looked wonderful as he floated in his first trot and was initially pulled in first.  Sadly the long wait and the heat seemed to take its toll (or did Steve just nobble him so he didn't have to wait for the championships....?!!!!) and he didn't trot as well in his individual and dropped to a still very respectable third.   

Thursday, 24 July 2008

One for Arrayan...

Bridget scanned in foal to Arrayan today, so our first foal by him is due on the 13th June 2009!

He has also acquired another girlfriend thanks to the Bucknalls!  Zappa an elderly but very spritely Criollo mare has joined the broodmare band.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Our new house - the short version!!!

Well we bought this little flat 4 years ago, off plan.  We now know that when they say "off plan" what they really mean is "we may at some point in the very distant future produce something that roughly sounds like it may be what you bought" it does not mean that they are in any way obliged to keep their promises on minor things like.... painting, flooring, shower, quality of finishing, parking, well you know anything really!!

So finally they thought "b*gger this, lets get the mugs to pay for it" and demanded the cash, in seven days if you please!!!  

All paid for and we thought we'd collect the keys... from the fruit and veg shop in the village and off we went to peruse the glory and joy that was "our new house."  First problem, NO NUMBERS ON DOORS, I kid you not!!!  What flat was ours?  Up the stairs we went, down the stairs we went, and finally we found the door the key fitted!

In the flat, well they have painted (walls, window frames, windows....) and they did put the skirting on (we are not worthy!!) so would you like a guided tour?

First off the living room.  Huge isn't it?  A real party palace!!

And look there are the french doors leading onto the balcony.  Oh yes the new house has a balcony with views over the river tweed.  Well it did!!!!!!!!  The advertising made a lot of the balcony and when we went to see the house a month ago it had a balcony.  So if anyone has seen a missing f'n balcony I WANT IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bedroom, its not so large... really its not so large.  Or even square.  But look Mark can lie down in it, both ways no less.  Hell bedside tables are way over rated!

The bathroom is Unique. its an L shape, now if you imagine the long bit of the L shape well there is nothing in that bit.  In the short bit of the L shape is the sink, the loo and the bath, all at jaunty angles to each other!

But the kitchen, the kitchen is great!!!!!!

Sunday, 13 July 2008

You're going to need bigger sticks....

We knew Upa reared on command....

Mark just hadn't come across the right command....

Until today!!

Stylish but rather hard to hit the ball I would imagine, so back to four feet and onwards!!!

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Fearsome war horse....

Arrayan modeling a Chamfron made by

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Trusty Photographers Assistant

Who needs a Tripod when you have a Quadpod!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Three foals and a baseball cap.

We have a real website too!!!

Website now live at 

Includes the horses we have for sale!  

A bit odd, but at least there's a blob.....

Ellie was last covered by Echo Gold (SSH) on the 17th of June and scanned in foal today... Andrew said the "blob" was no more than 16 days.  Amazing!!!

Based on covering date, Ellie is due 24th May 2009.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Youngster for sale.

Photo with thanks to Natalie Willson, who is selling this lovely 3yo filly by Exbury Ghost.  She is advertised on and is available for £3000.  It is always nice to see how Nico's foals are maturing and I hope to hear how she gets on in the future. 
I also had to add this photo - What a cute foal she was!!!!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Chamfron Nagasha's second outing.

Chamfron Nagasha makes it two wins, from two outings, taking the yearling hunter class at Doune and Dunblane.  

He qualified for the Scottish Supreme Showing Championships in September at Ingliston Equestrian Centre.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Stoatally different.....

"you can tell a stoat from a weasel because a weasel is weasily recognizable while a stoat is stoatally different"


New addition to the polo pony string with the arrival of Upa - kindly on loan from Sian and Sebastian.  He is here to play for the end of season as Sebastian is back in Argentina and not playing this year.  He is for sale if anyone is interested!  He played a chukka at Border Reivers on the weekend before the downpour and Mark is looking forward to playing him more.